White boxes for everyone?

White boxes and their impact on enterprise networking is a hot topic today, with many point of views. The last update from Dave Temkin, VP of Network Architecture ad Netflix, put more gasoline on the flames: Super proud of my team - today they removed the last "big expensive router" from our network; no more Cisco ASR or Juniper MX. Inexpensive commodity switches run the entire Netflix Open Connect CDN!

Is more technology good for your business?

I read this post on Ivan’s blog this morning and as often happens it made me think. The key point is: figure out what your most pressing problem is. Who should do that? Let’s analyze the roles involved in a typical SMB or enterprise. Vendors Vendors have just one target: sell their products. They can’t really customize the product to every business needs so they try to convince the customer the problem their product solve is the problem you have.

Opportunistic Learning

I got inspired by the book “The 1 Thing“ and changed a little bit my behavior about work and training I’d like to share here to discuss and improve. The Background A while ago one guy could setup a bunch of physical servers, install/configure/manage OS, configure network equipment and setup a firewall to connect to the internet. For some specific software platforms the support of the vendor for installation and maintenance was enough.

Hacking work

“Breaking stupid rules for smart results.” Not the best book ever but I liked the concept: don’t stick to the rules if you feel the rules don’t allows to work in and efficient way. Hacking work is actually intrapreneurship and requires a little anarchic spirit. How can we improve if we never try something different? Good reads: Moxie Marlinspike - We should all have something to hide