Today I passed exam CWDP-302 and got CWDP . To be honest I had to renew my CWNA that was about to expire but I don’t really like to renew, I prefer o move forward when I can. Exam preparation To prepare the exam I read cover-to-cover the official study guide and review some topics on the CWNA study guide . The study guide is dated 2011 so it covers up to 802.

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Last week I passed PW0-105 exam and obtained the CWNA certification: I work with wireless network since 2005, I began installing some SoHo APs and in the last few years I designed and deployed many bigger networks, some of which are challenging high density environments. I read manyCisco documents about wifi design and in this year’s Cisco Live I attended many session related to wifi. After passing CCNA-W I didn’t felt confident enough, I know how to design, install and troubleshoot a wireless network but I wanted to have a deeper knowledge of the technologies involved ant how the protocols work.

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Quite often I have to debug a wireless client roaming across lighweight Cisco APs to confirm it moves between APs as expected in the network design. On the WLC the command is “debug client MAC”. The command shows all the events related to the specific client including: Reassociation received from mobile on AP 00:23:ab:ba:YY:XX that means client moved to the AP with radio MAC 00:23:ab:ba:YY:XX. Since I’ve named all the APs and and I’ve a map with all the positions, I’d like to see the names in the debug instead of MAC.

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Where the vNic meets the SDN

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