In my role as a network architect, I often find myself validating a design based on documentation provided by the vendor. Whenever possible, I prefer to verify at least the core functionality in the lab.

Platforms such as Cisco Meraki on the one hand simplify configurations by introducing automation and abstraction mechanisms that have a great impact on large installations; on the other hand, abstractions and simplifications require careful analysis of requirements and deployment methods.

In this blog I present a scenario that I had the opportunity to test recently.

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Meraki Masters

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a “Cisco Meraki Masters” session at Meraki HQ in San Francisco . Meraki Masters is a program that sits on top of CMNA to give partners a deeper view of the Meraki product line, vision and roadmap. Merakify a.k.a. “Don’t spend your time doing work a well-trained monkey could do.” Meraki has a strong focus on the “merakification” of the products. Merakification means that all the repetitive tasks a network administrator performs almost on daily basis are now included in the Meraki Dashboard.

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Where the vNic meets the SDN

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