In the first post of this series we left with a running Ubuntu 15.04 container. Now it’s time to install software inside the container. A container is “stateless”, meaning any file change inside a container is lost when the container is closed, including software installations. Install software To install software inside a container any method supported for the Linux distribution is fine. I usually install Python 2.7, iftop, htop, tmux so let’s run a container:

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Docker and more generic Linux containers technology are a hot topic these days. The website says “for developers and sysadmins”, I am neither of the two but I can still find some useful applications for containers as a Network Engineer . Let’s start from the basics. Install docker and first run We can apt-get to install docker on Ubuntu Linux: apt-get install Now start docker service: service docker start That was easy.

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Tomahawk is a command line tool for testing network-based intrusion prevention systems (NIPS). The concept is simple, you can download virus,attacks,exploit pcaps from many sources and save them on the Tomahawk machine. To test an IPS you need tree network interfaces: one for management, one to send traffic and one to receive. If the attack sent on the interface is received on the other interface the IPS didn’t filtered it.

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Where the vNic meets the SDN

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