Monitoring MVP

Asset management, documentation and monitoring are important parts of any IT Ops team but at the same time they are boring, repetitive, error prone. Last summer I spent some time investigating the possibility to integrate open source projects I like to create a Minimum Viable Product for asset management/monitoring and learn something during the process. This is far from being something complete or production ready but I think it worth to share before it get lost in some abandonware repository on my laptop.

NeDi and Observium or LibreNMS

NeDi and Observium are two¬†of my favourites network monitoring tools. I do like to deploy both, they complete each other and since they’re free there is no need to choose. The only problem with the use of two tools is the integration. Observium has a limitation with host discovery: a device can be discovered only by name and that name must be resolved to an IP via DNS or hosts file.