VMware VCP5-DCV for a network engineer

Today I passed exam VCP550 and got VMware VCP5-DCV certification. Exam preparation For exam preparation I attended the official training that is mandatory to access the exam. The printed material provided with the training is good enough but I integrated with the great Mastering VMware vSphere 5.5 by Scott Lowe. The official documentation available online for free. I had some hands-on experience with VSphere, did some installations myself and supported some trouble tickets so even if I don’t work every day with VSphere I have a decent knowledge on the topic.

CCIE #38619

I’ve passed the CCIE R&S lab exam yesterday in Brussels, results arrived this morning: [] []

Alcatel Lucent Certified Field Expert

After one week of training in Milan and passing the exam I’ve added an Alcatel-Lucent certification to my c.v.: “Alcatel-Lucent Certified Field Expert - ACFE - OmniSwitch R6/R6“ OmniSwitch have some proprietary features, like mobile vlans, that may be very useful in some deployments. The new 10K platform with MC-LAG and other featuers seems great as core switch. The bright side of working for a system integrator is the opportunity to mess play work with many different vendors and accumulate experience with many devices.

Brocade Certified Network Professional

Passed Brocade 150-220 exam, another badge added to my c.v. Having a CCNP background and some CCIE theory knowledge I found this exam quite easy.On the exam blueprint just some QoS implementations, VRRP-E and Metro Ring Protocol are different than Cisco exams. STP and IGP/BGP are almost the same, and no EIGRP of course!

Certified in Cisco Data Center Support for UC Specialist

Today I passed Cisco 642-983 DCUCI exam and it was a surprise to see two certifications on my Cisco curriculum: Cisco Unified Computing Technology Support Specialist and Cisco Data Center Support for UC Specialist The next step would be “Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Support Specialist” but since VCP is a requirement and is not in my plans I have to skip that cert.