VMware VCP5-DCV for a network engineer

Today I passed exam VCP550 and got VMware VCP5-DCV certification. Exam preparation For exam preparation I attended the official training that is mandatory to access the exam. The printed material provided with the training is good enough but I integrated with the great Mastering VMware vSphere 5.5 by Scott Lowe. The official documentation available online for free. I had some hands-on experience with VSphere, did some installations myself and supported some trouble tickets so even if I don’t work every day with VSphere I have a decent knowledge on the topic.

My CCIE experience

In really enjoyed to read all the blog post of people passing the CCIE lab exam over the years. I’ve found the stories very inspirational so now it’s time for me to give back. I started working as a system engineer in 2001 supporting Microsoft Windows 2000 client and server for a bank. I had the opportunity to work with some network engineers for a project and being intrigued by the new world I started to study what seemed to be the right choice for the moment: Cisco CCNA.

CCIE #38619

I’ve passed the CCIE R&S lab exam yesterday in Brussels, results arrived this morning:

Alcatel Lucent Certified Field Expert

After one week of training in Milan and passing the exam I’ve added an Alcatel-Lucent certification to my c.v.: “Alcatel-Lucent Certified Field Expert - ACFE - OmniSwitch R6/R6“ OmniSwitch have some proprietary features, like mobile vlans, that may be very useful in some deployments. The new 10K platform with MC-LAG and other featuers seems great as core switch. The bright side of working for a system integrator is the opportunity to mess play work with many different vendors and accumulate experience with many devices.

Brocade Certified Network Professional

Passed Brocade 150-220 exam, another badge added to my c.v. Having a CCNP background and some CCIE theory knowledge I found this exam quite easy.On the exam blueprint just some QoS implementations, VRRP-E and Metro Ring Protocol are different than Cisco exams. STP and IGP/BGP are almost the same, and no EIGRP of course!

Certified in Cisco Data Center Support for UC Specialist

Today I passed Cisco 642-983 DCUCI exam and it was a surprise to see two certifications on my Cisco curriculum: Cisco Unified Computing Technology Support Specialist and Cisco Data Center Support for UC Specialist The next step would be “Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Support Specialist” but since VCP is a requirement and is not in my plans I have to skip that cert.