I had the honor and pleasure of being invited again to attend Tech Field Day , this time for an Extra event at Cisco Live Europe in Barcelona. Cisco Live is a week full of product announcements, technical session, (social) networking with fellow network engineers, meetings with colleagues and customers, discussions with Cisco engineers about products and roadmap. This is exhausting and exciting at the same time but it definitely worth the effort.

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Cisco Live 2016 Europe

Hi CLEUR! This year, for the fourth year in a row, I’ve attended Cisco Live Europe . I’ve earned the “Netvet” status, that means my name was on the wall before the keynote, ain’t that great? ;-) Aesthetics apart, this year’s event was the biggest I’ve attended so far, twelve thousands people in a huge venue (for European standards) and a lot of sessions available. Here’s my recap of the event.

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Cisco Live 2014 Milan

Last week I had the opportunity to attend Cisco Live in Milan. This is my second time at Cisco Live, I’ve been in London last year . Some people still doesn’t know what Cisco Live is. Is it an event for pre-sales? A technical training? A party with free beer for nerds? I can say it is it all and much more. At Cisco Live you have the opportunity to participate in very deep technical sessions, some with hands-on labs, and to talk with the smartest guys in Cisco.

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Cisco Live! Europe 2013

Cisco Live! Europe : I’m in! First time here, the impression is like being in the Willy Wonka chocolate factory with the big difference you can touch everything without disappear. As my job is not focused on a single technology I’m registered to many different sessions, from WiFi to Security, from FCoE to Routing/Switching. A longer review will follow. It’ll be a long week.

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