CCIE renewed

In the very last day of availability of the CCIE v4 350-001 written exam I’ve renewed my CCIE for a couple of years more: <img src="" alt="ccie_exam_renew_2014"> My plan was to recertify with another track - Wireless or Security - but life happens and I took the easy path and did R&S again. I’ve passed the same written exam 3 times. The first time in 2010, followed by a failed lab attempt in 2011.

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My CCIE experience

In really enjoyed to read all the blog post of people passing the CCIE lab exam over the years. I’ve found the stories very inspirational so now it’s time for me to give back. I started working as a system engineer in 2001 supporting Microsoft Windows 2000 client and server for a bank. I had the opportunity to work with some network engineers for a project and being intrigued by the new world I started to study what seemed to be the right choice for the moment: Cisco CCNA.

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Cisco stopped to publish CCIE statistics some time ago but in Cisco Live presentations we can find some slides like this: A couple of days ago on twitter Bob McCouch who passed his lab on February 21st posted this: I know 14 days are not enough to make statistics, but let’s play with the numbers since they’re very fresh. There’re 9 CCIE lab locations worldwide , suppose each lab locations ha 5 seats per day.

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OSPF Forward Address

OSPF Forward Address (FA): works like BGP next-hop for OSPF external routes advertised only if next-hop is on a not-passive and multiaccess interface if there’s not a route to FA address, route is not installed FA = –> cost to ABR FA <> –> cost to FA address NSSA –> FA is ASBR IP –> remove FA with “area 1 nssa no-summary translate type7 suppress-fa”

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After the first week of the INE bootcamp I spent the weekend relaxing a bit and reviewing the topics on the doc-cd. The second week confirmed the high level of this training, long hours and Brian Dennis showing us a lot of scenarios and how to spot a problem before it happens instead of just troubleshooting it later. My favorite days were MPLS and Multicast, followed by redistribution and OeR but I must say that I found in every single day something new.

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