Moving Complexity

I read a lot of discussions about complexity in networking and IT today that include a large amount of FUD. Topics range from “we’ll all lose our jobs because abstraction” to “you can’t fix complexity” to “welcome robot overlords” ;-) Complexity is something that may be easy to move, even easier and to increment, hard to remove. For a clear definition of complexity read Navigating Network Complexity by Jeff Tantsura and Russ White .

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Opportunistic Learning

I got inspired by the book "The 1 Thing " and changed a little bit my behavior about work and training I’d like to share here to discuss and improve. The Background A while ago one guy could setup a bunch of physical servers, install/configure/manage OS, configure network equipment and setup a firewall to connect to the internet. For some specific software platforms the support of the vendor for installation and maintenance was enough.

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Hacking work

“Breaking stupid rules for smart results." Not the best book ever but I liked the concept: don’t stick to the rules if you feel the rules don’t allows to work in and efficient way. Hacking work is actually intrapreneurship and requires a little anarchic spirit. How can we improve if we never try something different? Good reads: Moxie Marlinspike - We should all have something to hide Hacking Work

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Where the vNic meets the SDN

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