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I’m pleased to announce that my blog has been selected as a finalist in the Most Entertaining category of the IT Blog Awards, hosted by Cisco This blog is a project that I have been carrying out for years in the (little) free time between a demanding job, the study and the family. I think it is important to dedicate time to the blog because it has allowed me to meet many awesome people, actively participate in the community and make my contribution to the ecosystem that has helped me at the beginning of my career.

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Today, 10 years ago, I’ve registered this domain. My initial idea was just to have a place to play with html and to save some interesting links. After that I switched to RapidVeawer mostly beacuse I liked the themes and it was a good WYSIWYG editor. The current release is just another wordpress blog but it works for me. Check web archive for previous site versions HERE. I hope you enjoyed the content so far.

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