Writing code today often means interacting with API of many products. For me it means the possibility to integrate existing tools or create new functions. Sometimes it is just a matter to create a small utility. The Problem Meraki Dashboard does not include a page that shows the CDP/LLDP neighbors. Can we do better than Make a Wish? The Solution I wrote a Python script that uses Meraki API to list LLDP and CDP information for a device.

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Sometimes small problems are opportunities to learn something new or apply skills seldom used. I often try to do things differently or new paths, sometimes just to avoid boredom, but also to improve myself. This is one of the pillars of essentialism and Kaizen that I try to apply to my work and life. The challenge For reasons I need to check very quick the public IP addresses of some Meraki MXs connected to LTE routers or dynamic IP addresses.

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Where the vNic meets the SDN

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