I had an HP Microserver N36L since 2011. Despite its low power it served me well as test machine, then converted to a NAS running Debian. When the main disk failed, a >10yo 250GB Seagate Barracuda, it seemed a good time to give a new life to the old but good server. After evaluating some options, the best use for my need was a NAS with options to run Plex and some VMs or containers.

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In my last post I worked with AWS CLI and Cloudformation to create a simple VPC and find a configuration drift.

In this post I’ll show you how to build a VPC in AWS with all the elements necessary to lab Wireguard. We’ll use Terraform to automate the creation of the VPC.

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Cisco DevNet is the best thing that could happen to the entire networking industry.

DevNet is introducing a change to the whole networking industry, working on multiple fronts at the same time. I think that it will be successful. Keep reading to know why.

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Last year I bought an Huawei Matebook D to use at home for light workload like surfing the web (is this term still in use?) and take notes for my blog.

The Matebook replaced my tablet, I preferred an actual laptop over a tablet with a keyboard.

After a year of use I finally decided to install Linux on the laptop. Here I share my experience.

I’ll keep updating this post with new findings.

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