ACI training DCAC9K

This week I’ve attended a training about Cisco ACI DCAC9K . Based on my personal experience no training can cover all the topics or all the use cases but I think this training with a cover-to-cover read of Deploying ACI can help to build the basis to start the ACI journey with strong fundamentals.

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Scenario As most IT professionals I usually configure network devices in a lab environment before the actual installation at customer site. I try to limit the installation as much as possible to a simple box moving process, spending most of the change window in a previously defined validation process. In this particular case I deal with a data center core network that includes 8 Nexus 9k switches configured in 4 VPC pairs and a bunch of links between them.

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I had the honor and pleasure of being invited again to attend Tech Field Day , this time for an Extra event at Cisco Live Europe in Barcelona. Cisco Live is a week full of product announcements, technical session, (social) networking with fellow network engineers, meetings with colleagues and customers, discussions with Cisco engineers about products and roadmap. This is exhausting and exciting at the same time but it definitely worth the effort.

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