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Networkcareer.net interview

My interview was published today on Networkcareer.net, the latest project from Daniel Dib and Kim Pedersen. It’s available online HERE.

Ansible and IOS quick start

Ansible has been around for I while but I didn’t had a chance to play with it so far. Now the time has come: I manage enough IOS devices with homogeneous configurations in multiple sites without Cisco Prime. Any change is a pain, it’s time to automate all the things! My environment I run Ansible inside Bash on Windows, I don’t see any issue or difference than running in an actual Linux box or docker/vagrant/whatever and it permits a better integration with the tools I already use.

TAC Security Workshop - Poland

This week I attended and event organized by Cisco TAC in Krakow. I’ve been in may Cisco events (Live, PVT, Pint etc.) but It was the first time for me at a TAC workshop and I was curious about it. The Agenda Agenda was clear: tree days with TAC engineers presenting best practices for installation and configuration with a clear focus on troubleshooting methods and tools. I was not disappointed by the contents: marketing was reduced to minimum, all the presenters were skilled TAC engineers and all the sessions were very detailed.


Today I passed exam CWDP-302 and got CWDP. To be honest I had to renew my CWNA that was about to expire but I don’t really like to renew, I prefer o move forward when I can. Exam preparation To prepare the exam I read cover-to-cover the official study guide and review some topics on the CWNA study guide. The study guide is dated 2011 so it covers up to 802.

Cisco Live Europe 2017 Berlin

It’s time for CLEUR again, for the second year in Berlin, that’s 5 years in a row and I still get excited when the date arrives. I won’t repeat many consideration’s I’ve already made last year. This year my main focus was security, I attended many FirePower, AMP and FTD sessions. General routing/switching and wireless are topics I can see in other partner events or learn by myself watching recordings later.

SDN anyone?

DISCLAIMER I work in the enterprise market, mostly with routing&switching, wireless, security products from multiple vendors. I have no SDN/cloud/ISP real experience yet. My views here are based upon meetings with vendors pushing SDN solutions and fellow engineers who shared experiences, doubts and some labs to test the products. After attending a few SDN presentation of various vendors I’m starting to make an opinion about SDN myself. Here’s what I got so far.

Meraki Masters

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a “Cisco Meraki Masters” session at Meraki HQ in San Francisco. Meraki Masters is a program that sits on top of CMNA to give partners a deeper view of the Meraki product line, vision and roadmap. Merakify a.k.a. “Don’t spend your time doing work a well-trained monkey could do.” Meraki has a strong focus on the “merakification” of the products. Merakification means that all the repetitive tasks a network administrator performs almost on daily basis are now included in the Meraki Dashboard.

Opportunistic Learning

I got inspired by the book “The 1 Thing“ and changed a little bit my behavior about work and training I’d like to share here to discuss and improve. The Background A while ago one guy could setup a bunch of physical servers, install/configure/manage OS, configure network equipment and setup a firewall to connect to the internet. For some specific software platforms the support of the vendor for installation and maintenance was enough.

Welcome Hugo

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my new website! I mean site url, content and topics are still the same but but now I use Hugo instead of Wordpress. Why change Speed: my website got slower and slower. Static pages are fast, very fast. Easy of use: I started to use markdown to write posts then copy&paste them in Wordpress via browser. This process was slow and required too many steps.

Cisco ASA boot problem

Cisco ASA memory problem ASA doesn’t boot: Launching BootLoader... Default configuration file contains 1 entry. Searching / for images to boot. Loading /asa825-k8.bin... Booting... Press ESC to interrupt boot: Use BREAK or ESC to interrupt boot. Use SPACE to begin boot immediately. We’re now in rommon: rommon #0> Check variables: rommon #3> set ROMMON Variable Settings: ADDRESS= SERVER= GATEWAY= PORT=Ethernet0/0 VLAN=untagged IMAGE= CONFIG= LINKTIMEOUT=20 PKTTIMEOUT=4 RETRY=20 Config network parameters.