A customer called because they expect the Internet access in the DC to reach 10 Gigabits, but a speedtest only show 1 Gigabit throughput.

Once again, it’s a network issue. Or not?

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In my role as a network architect, I often find myself validating a design based on documentation provided by the vendor. Whenever possible, I prefer to verify at least the core functionality in the lab.

Platforms such as Cisco Meraki on the one hand simplify configurations by introducing automation and abstraction mechanisms that have a great impact on large installations; on the other hand, abstractions and simplifications require careful analysis of requirements and deployment methods.

In this blog I present a scenario that I had the opportunity to test recently.

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BGP Admin Distance

When chatting with both colleagues and customers about BGP path manipulations, I’ve picked up on something interesting – the concept of admin distance can often lead to some head-scratching moments.

So, in this blog post, I’m going to take you through a few links and hands-on labs. Our goal? To unravel the mysteries surrounding admin distance and its pivotal role in the BGP best path selection process. Let’s dive in!

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I was recently engaged in a troubleshooting session pertaining to Azure Network Load Balancers (NLBs).

The assistance was sought by cloud engineers seeking deeper insights into the operational characteristics of NLBs. The findings are outlined below.

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Cloudy zones

On April 25th 2023 Google Cloud has an incident involving a datacenter. The incident impacted multiple zones.

If this sounds strange, it is because not all cloud zones are created equal.

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It has been more than 20 years since my last Microsoft certification exam. Windows NT4 was very common, Windows 2000 was cutting edge, and my first job was to migrate some SMEs in my region from the former to the latter.

My goal at the time was to get the famous MCSE , but I never had the chance to finish the certificaton track, stopping after a couple of exams.

Then I fell in love with networking.

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We don’t install all our servers in the same DC. But what about clouds? Would you trust one Cloud Server Provider for all your applications?

This is the premise of Multicloud.

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This post is about the lack of best practices, workarounds, L2 extensions, tunnels and loops.

Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for a ride down the rabbit hole.

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Where the vNic meets the SDN

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