Great news! My blog has been selected as a finalist of the 2021 IT Blog Awards , hosted by Cisco ✌

The competition is fierce, many skilled professionals started a blog, a podcast, a YT channel. In the end, we’re all winning the Infinite game1, it was never so easy to access this huge amount of knowledge with little effort.

I really appreciate the effort some people put to explain hard concepts using simple words. Anyone who tried to explain or teach something can tell how much work is behind a blog post or a video.

It’s hard to publish something and be exposed to the judgment of the public, the positive feedback from a supportive community is really helpful to keep going and find the extra energy to stay longer in front of the PC to write, study or record.

This contest for me is a reminder to thank all the people out there who are creating content for the community with the sole reason to be part of it and contribute.

Thank you all fellow network engineers and IT professionals in general! It doesn't matter if you're an n00b or a senior, don't give up and keep creating!


Winners will be announced in February 2022

  1. Finite and Infinite Games is one of my favorite books. ↩︎