I’m trying ZSH in WSL on my Windows 10 machine. Here’s a quick note about how to make it look better with agnoster theme.


On my main machine I run Windows 10 with Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 and Windows 10 terminal

Today I tried to switch to ZSH and installed Oh My Zsh . After carefully chosing a theme I noticed it wasn’t looking as nice as I’ve expected.

Set the theme in ~/.zshrc


The prompt looks like this:

The fix

After some google-fu I found the problem is the font.

To fix it start installing a better font line Cascadia code.

Then edit the Terminal app settings adding a supported font to the profiles section:

"fontFace": "Cascadia Code PL",

Here’s a sample:

            // Put settings here that you want to apply to all profiles.
            "fontFace": "Cascadia Code PL",

Now the theme should look fine: