NFD23 kicks off with IPFabric .

The presentation performed by the CEO Pavel Bykov, CEO and Co-Founder and Daren Fulwell, Product Evangelist was on point to share the mission of IPFabric and some of its most impressive features.

IPFabric in short: a tool to create network snapshots that include configurations and state. Based on the snapshot it runs many validation tests on interface, protocols, configurations and more. From the snapshot it generates network diagrams and provides a query mechanism to filter by protocol, VLAN and more.

Inline diff

Inline diff is a powerful tool for troubleshooting, showing all configuration changes between snapshots


API first: even the GUI uses API!

IF you want to learn more about the API Jeremy Schulmann posted a video with many details.

From the point of view of network automation, it makes sense to use IPFabric to collect network information instead of spending time to create and maintain discovery scripts.

Integrations with popular automation tools already exist , more will come.


Diagrams created by IPFabric are not just cool visualizations but a real tool for design and troubleshooting

An example discussed during the presentation included a Multicast Distribution Tree with RPF check

Configuration and state consistency check

IPFabric provides out of the box many consistency checks including MTU, QoS configuration, VLAN on trunks and more.

As mentioned during the presentation, technical debt is hard to pay back, network engineers can leverage the best tools to reduce them.


From my experience using IPFabric website is like having a new member in the team of Network Engineers.

All the time usually spent to update network diagrams, asset management, troubleshooting configuration consistency and more is now automated, saving time to improve the network design and implement new features.

I strongly advise to TRY IPFabric on your network to see yourself what it can do. You’ll thank me later.

Presentation video

IPFabric website , twitter , YouTube and Slack channel .

Recordings are available on VIMEO and YOUTUBE .


TechFieldDay on twitter


I’m a user of IPFabric and I joined the IPFabric Ambassador program. I received no monetary or others forms of compensation for this blog post. All the opinions expressed here are my own, this is my personal blog, not my employer’s.