Second day of NFD23 with Arista . I already had an opportunity to see Arista ad NFD16 in 2017 .


Arista started with the correct first step, declaring upfront the problems they expect to solve with CloudVision :

Arista’s answer is CloudVision as SaaS so we can enjoy all the benefits of a unified platform for management, automation and visibility without the burden to manage all the necessary systems. Of course an on-premises option is available too.

Awake Security

This sounds very right. The acquisition of Awake Security is 2 days old, let’s see how it works in the next months.

Ken Duda has a plan for the integration that does not inlcude repeating the errors of other vendors:

The speed of the cloud

During the presentation Douglas Gourlay said

Networking in the cloud has API, speed, consistency. Why do enterprise networks should be different? Why create snowflakes on-premises while on the cloud everything must fit in the constructs of the cloud provider?

The only way Enterprise Networks can benefit from the lessons learned from the cloud is to behave the same way. A standardized design is possible. Arista switches and software can be and enabler to reach the speed of cloud on-premises.

Wrap up

Other topics of the presentation were wider adoption of encryption at network layer, 800G optics coming soon-ish and routing updates about EVPN, MPLS and Multicast.

The vision and roadmap of Arista in the datacenter seems clear and consistent. I didn’t felt the same strong message for enterprise networks, campus and Wifi. Probably the main reason was the limited time available. I’ll follow future updates to see how it develops.

Recordings of the event are available online on VIMEO and YOUTUBE .



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