My blog has been selected again as a finalist in the Most Inspirational category of the 2019 IT Blog Awards , hosted by Cisco.

The goal of the IT Blog Awards is to recognize the broader community of IT bloggers

I am particularly happy to be in the Most Inspirational category.

Imagining that my blog may inspire somebody to look deeper on some topics, or try something new or even actively join the Networking community with a new blog repays me for all the efforts and time I spend creating content.

Being among the finalists for me is already a victory. Being part of a great community of smart, curious and collaborative people is the best outcome I can aspire to.

I recommend following the other blogs selected as finalists but also others that didn’t make it. Most of us do it for the pleasure to share knowledge, in our personal time. A comment, a tweet with positive feedback, a vote is greatly appreciated and provides motivation to keep the blogs alive.

Remember to vote!

Community voting is open November 22 through December 13.


Congratulations to the winners !