I had the honor and pleasure of being invited again to attend Tech Field Day , this time for an Extra event at Cisco Live Europe in Barcelona.

Cisco Live is a week full of product announcements, technical session, (social) networking with fellow network engineers, meetings with colleagues and customers, discussions with Cisco engineers about products and roadmap. This is exhausting and exciting at the same time but it definitely worth the effort.

This year I saw less gadgets and games than previous editions. I actually appreciated that, in some occasions the event looked like a party of nerds more than an high level professional conference.

I enjoyed my CCIE cap anyways ;-)

My focus this year was on DNA Center and SD-WAN (former Vitpela) with a bit of WiFi and Security.

I was also fast and lucky enough to correctly answer a question during a session and win a USB Rubber Ducky that entitles me as a fully fledged n00b hacker:

All the TFD events are recorded, videos are available on Youtube and Vimeo .