Second part of Tech Field Day NFD16 day 1 continues with Arista.

Arista’s presentation included 400G (hist: it’s fast!), EOS programmability , Network Automation and Telemetry, Routing Architecture Transformations.

All video recording are in the youtube channel of TechFielDay .

EOS Programmability

Ken Duda (Founder, CTO, and Senior VP of Software Engineering) did a great session about EOS programmability explaining the reason of some technical choices and the available options. I really enjoyed to listen his open and honest presentation.

I strongly suggest to watch the whole recording , it contains some useful consideration about APIs including performances and caveats.

I think the only improvement, as Jason suggested , would be to send a data structure via API to apply changes instead of plain CLI commands.

Network Telemetry

Ryan Madsen ’s presentation of telemetry and CloudVision generated most comments and excitement.

We all used SNMP and Syslog to have information from network devices and we now we deserve better.

Network Telemetry is a different approach: let network devices to send information when needed, the management platform subscribes to the telemetry feed to receive telemetry data.

Information includes real-time updates and control plane state. After an initial synchronization only changes are sent so the impact on device and network is very low.

All that would be wasted without a proper GUI, Arista got it right and CloudVision is clear, fast, easy to use.

CloudVision and Veriflow can work together so the model is updated when a configuration change is applied. Isn’t that cool?

Video recordings are available HERE .

Wrap up Arista

This is the first time I met Arista and I really liked their approach on software and automation. Many switch vendors present their product with a great focus on the number of ports and back-plane speed but the software looks like coming out from the ’90s. Arista’s differentiation is on Programmability and Telemetry, that’s the right path for today’s network needs.


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