It’s time for CLEUR again, for the second year in Berlin, that’s 5 years in a row and I still get excited when the date arrives.

I won’t repeat many consideration’s I’ve already made last year .

This year my main focus was security, I attended many FirePower, AMP and FTD sessions. General routing/switching and wireless are topics I can see in other partner events or learn by myself watching recordings later.


I attended a 4 hours lab that really opened my eyes about many security topics: LTRSEC-3300 - Hacking in the Attack Kill Chain

After spending some time with Kali Linux I really think Hakan Nohre , Chung-wai Lee and Erkan Djafer did an awesome job putting up this lab.

I can’t wait to go home and start a couple of VMs with Windows and Kali to try more scenarios.

Wrap up

Cisco Live is a tough week that leaves you with smoking brain and feet smoking but it really worth it.

Next year is Barcelona, I hope for a better weather (and food ;-) ).

See you there!