I read this blog post from Mattias Geniar and I think he gave a name of a concept I had in my mind from years.

It started a while ago when I tried to find a more efficient ways to do my daily work and it got bigger and bigger up to be almost an… obsession.

Obsession is actually a negative word related do some sort of mental disorder. Let’s say OED could be considered more about automation of boring stuff to be more efficient, a sort of Kaizen applied to IT.


Don’t spend your time doing work a well-trained monkey could do

We can think automation as training the monkey to do our job, we just don’t want to be HEROES :


As Tim Ferriss said:

Focus on productivity instead of being busy

So that’s the point, productivity over busy appearance.

The dark side

OED can be used at our own advantage but can be stressful for people working in team. Inefficiency is hard to bear if you are used to move at a faster pace, some zen helps and be patient ;-)

Wrap up

This is just the start of a series of blog posts about automation, efficiency and general improvement related to my work as Network Engineer and a computer/tablet/smartphone user.

Feel free to share your experiences or tools, there’s always room for improvement in the OED world ;-)

Stay tuned!