Last week I had the opportunity to attend the first Wireless LAN Professionals Conference in Europe, happened in Maastrich.

Wireless is an important part of my job, I designed and managed more than a few wireless networks installations and I know there are many challenges involved, I felt I needed to increase my knowledge so I had pretty high expectations from this event.


The schedule included two tracks of 8 sessions each and ten “Ten Talks” in one day and a half.

There are many aspects of the event that I really liked.

It is not a vendor event

Of course vendors were present, many speakers work for a vendors. The good part is the sessions were not just presentation of products but wireless concepts, best practices, installation advices, protocol behaviour that can be applied to any vendor, 802.11 is a standard right?

The attendee bag

Every attendee of the conference receive a bag with many gadgets (AP, survey software, spectrum analyzer) that worth the price of the conference itself. That can be a strong argument for an employee to get the authorization from a manager to attend the event and in my case I use these material to study and do some test labs.


Why attend an event like this in person instead of just watching the videos later? Simply because we need face-by-face conversations to share experiences, to know we’re not alone fighting for a proper design and survey, technology can’t replace human interactions.

Of course the event has its Twitter hastag and many discussions are very interesting but connecting a Twitter account to an actual face and voice really makes a difference to me.

Wrap up

It was great to attend WLCP and of course I’ll do my best to attend again to this event. I took a lot of notes during the sessions and added many wireless professionals to my list in Twitter.

My job is not focused on wifi only so I don’t expect to reach the level of expertise of other attendees but it was good to know that I did pretty well in my installations so far, that is a big motivation to keep studying CWNP .

See you next year at WLCP !