After one week of training in Milan and passing the exam I’ve added an Alcatel-Lucent certification to my c.v.:

Alcatel-Lucent Certified Field Expert - ACFE - OmniSwitch R6/R6

OmniSwitch have some proprietary features, like mobile vlans, that may be very useful in some deployments. The new 10K platform with MC-LAG and other featuers seems great as core switch.

The bright side of working for a system integrator is the opportunity to mess play work with many different vendors and accumulate experience with many devices. On the other hand it’s hard to be confident with all the different CLI. I can say that with Cisco I feel at home, with other devices I use Evernote Onenote to keep many config templates so I have the right tools when needed.

Now it’s time to focus on CCIE lab exam preparation again.