After the first week  of the INE bootcamp  I spent the weekend relaxing a bit and reviewing the topics on the doc-cd.

The second week confirmed the high level of this training, long hours and Brian Dennis showing us a lot of scenarios and how to spot a problem before it happens instead of just troubleshooting it later.

My favorite days were MPLS and Multicast, followed by redistribution and OeR but I must say that I found in every single day something new.

Most questions about CCIE lab study method are focused on self/study versus bootcamp. My personal opinion is that a bootcamp doesn’t give you all the answers but can teach you the right approach for the lab questions and scenarios. I changed the way I organize my studies after the bootcamp and how I do verification right after applying every single command to reduce the time spent in troubleshooting my own configs.

After all the technical aspects, it was great to meet people like Brian , Daniel , David , Jose , Susana and the other guys. CCIE is a big effort and sometimes the lack of motivation can be a problem bigger than any hard blueprint topic.To see 24 people in a class focused on the same target confirmed to me that the lab is hard but it worth the time and being part of the elite is a result that will be remembered for the life.

Now back to study.


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