Welcome Hugo

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my new website! I mean site url, content and topics are still the same but but now I use Hugo instead of Wordpress. Why change Speed: my website got slower and slower. Static pages are fast, very fast. Easy of use: I started to use markdown to write posts then copy&paste them in Wordpress via browser. This process was slow and required too many steps.

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2012 new website

This website will be the new platform for my blog www.ifconfig.it . The migration has just begun, I’m copying the most interesting post from the old blog here, it’ll take some time. I used to manage the website with RapidWeaver but in the last year I’m using a Win7 PC most of the time and I needed a more flexible platform, something I could manage from any browser. The choices were to close the blog or find another tool to manage it, so I’ve installed WordPress .

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