My home network is connected to the Internet via radio bridge. The reason is ADSL services were not available a couple of years ago, now it is but since the radio bridge is cheap and works (most of the time) I really don’t care to change. Some time ago I started to notice downtime of the Internet connection, I sent a few emails to the wisp but the answer was always the same: “we don’t see a problem right now”.

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On a customer’s network we noticed that the Internet facing router reboots because of a software error. We stumbled on this issue by chance, just because one of the reboots was during a videoconference. Nobody noticed the problem before and they really don’t know if the problem was there since the installation of the router a couple of years ago. They have Nagios running to monitor the network, so I’ve configured it to monitor the router uptime too.

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Where the vNic meets the SDN

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