IPv6 is the evolution that everybody know must be done one day but not today. Unike the Millenniun Bug that had a clear deadline, IPv6 adoption is a topic that I often discuss with clients but nobody is really willing to do it, even in a test environment. I studied IPv6 in many Cisco certifications but since they’re focused on the infrastructure side of the network, I plan to do some labs myself in the next months.

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Sometimes customers ask me how they can get provider independent IP addresses. Since IPv4 are finished, I looked for IPv6 only. To apply for Provider Independent addresses there are some Contractual Requirements that must be met. It’s cleat that IP are assigned to the organization and can’t be assigned to third parties, i.e. you’re not an ISP. Direct assignment for users are available on RIPE website, there’s an annual fee and a one-time Administration Fee of 2000€:

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Inspired by the Packet Pushers Podcast I setup my personal IPv6 tunnel to TunnelBroker.net . Registration is free and the configuration is straightforward. The first step is the registration and setup of a tunnel to our IPv4 address. Second step the configuration of the tunnel on our side. The webiste includes many examples of tunnel configuration, in my case Cisco IOS: configure terminal interface Tunnel6 description Hurricane Electric IPv6 Tunnel Broker no ip address ipv6 enable ipv6 address 2001:470:99:15::2/64 tunnel source 1.

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IPv6 migration strategy

You can either do a planned, careful migration, or you can do it in a panic, and you should know full well that panicking is more expensive. Martin Levy, director of IPv6 strategy for Hurricane Electric

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