NFD16 delegate

I’m happy to announce I’ll join a great team of professionals for 3 days of pure networking awesomeness in Silicon Valley: Great news: I'm a #NFD16 delegate! Can't wait to join such a great team of professionals! — Gian Paolo (@gp_ifconfig) August 11, 2017 NFD16 is part of Tech Field Day events where vendors and professionals meet to share and discuss about the IT world, products, trends and future.

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This week I attended and event organized by Cisco TAC in Krakow. I’ve been in may Cisco events (Live, PVT, Pint etc.) but It was the first time for me at a TAC workshop and I was curious about it. The Agenda Agenda was clear: tree days with TAC engineers presenting best practices for installation and configuration with a clear focus on troubleshooting methods and tools. I was not disappointed by the contents: marketing was reduced to minimum, all the presenters were skilled TAC engineers and all the sessions were very detailed.

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Cisco Live 2016 Europe

Hi CLEUR! This year, for the fourth year in a row, I’ve attended Cisco Live Europe . I’ve earned the “Netvet” status, that means my name was on the wall before the keynote, ain’t that great? ;-) Aesthetics apart, this year’s event was the biggest I’ve attended so far, twelve thousands people in a huge venue (for European standards) and a lot of sessions available. Here’s my recap of the event.

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WLPC 2015 @ Berlin

For the second year in a row I attended Wireless Lan Professionals Conference Europe, this time in Berlin . Location The choice of location this time was much better, last year I went to Maastrich through Brussels, most people didn’t liked it since it’s not easy to reach. The sessions Session quality is high, mostly vendor neutral, speakers are well prepared and willing to share their knowledge and experiences. Last year there were more sessions splitted in two different rooms.

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Last week I had the opportunity to attend the first Wireless LAN Professionals Conference in Europe, happened in Maastrich. Wireless is an important part of my job, I designed and managed more than a few wireless networks installations and I know there are many challenges involved, I felt I needed to increase my knowledge so I had pretty high expectations from this event. The schedule included two tracks of 8 sessions each and ten “Ten Talks” in one┬áday and a half.

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Cisco Live 2014 Milan

Last week I had the opportunity to attend Cisco Live in Milan. This is my second time at Cisco Live, I’ve been in London last year . Some people still doesn’t know what Cisco Live is. Is it an event for pre-sales? A technical training? A party with free beer for nerds? I can say it is it all and much more. At Cisco Live you have the opportunity to participate in very deep technical sessions, some with hands-on labs, and to talk with the smartest guys in Cisco.

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