Cisco DevNet is the best thing that could happen to the entire networking industry.

DevNet is introducing a change to the whole networking industry, working on multiple fronts at the same time. I think that it will be successful. Keep reading to know why.

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Monitoring MVP

Asset management, documentation and monitoring are important parts of any IT Ops team but at the same time they are boring, repetitive, error prone.

Last summer I spent some time investigating the possibility to integrate open source projects I like to create a Minimum Viable Product for asset management/monitoring and learn something during the process.

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This week I’ve attended the Network Automation Seminar organized by Reiss Romoli . The speaker was the great Ivan Pepelnjiak ! I was happy to meet Ivan again after NFD16 . At the event I joined old and new friends: Andrea , Nicola , Paolo and Tiziano . Are these networkers or programmers? ;) @ioshints @adainese @nmodena @ReissRomoli @Paolo_Lucente #networking — Gian Paolo (@gp_ifconfig) October 19, 2017 Content is king In two days Ivan presented tools, solutions, concepts and a lot of use cases of network automation.

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Automation is today a word that can be both scaring and exciting at the same time. The scary part is often related to the question: will robots steal my job? Federico Pistono says that's ok . We read articles about how many jobs will not exist anymore in the near future, and sometimes how new jobs will be created to build and support automation and robots. The most advanced analysts try to predict how a society can survive with massive unemployment, UBI is often discussed as a possible solution.

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Summertime usually means a busy period for Network Engineers, customers are on holidays and we have the opportunity to performs all the changes that impact network connectivity. For me this usually means core switch replacement. Today I was moving a configuration from an HP8200 to a Cisco 4500, taking care of all the details of ports, trunks, VLANs. From this: to this: When a task is manual, boring, repetitive and error-prone some automation skills can help.

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